Is the Maruti Ignis AMT Alfa Facelift 2020 worth buying, and does it have a hill assist feature?

The Ignis is actually a great car. And I should also add that it’s a very under-appreciated car. That’s probably because it is sort of tucked in between the Maruti WagonR and Swift in Maruti’s portfolio of cars.


With the facelift in 2020, the Ignis got a BS-6 upgrade to it’s K-12 1.2L petrol engine and went through a small exterior update and with a slight revision in the infotainment system, which now features Maruti’s SmartPlay system. Almost everything else remains untouched cosmetically.


When it comes to exploring the value for money variant, it all boils down to requirements. The biggest selling variants for the Ignis are the Delta (base + 1) and Zeta (top -1). A lot of people find the Alpha variant (top) to be over-the-top expensive with respect to limited feature addition from the Zeta variant.


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While touchscreen systems can be changed and modified anytime, there’s one feature that should make or break your decision – Driver Seat Adjustment. This can’t be a retrofit option that a local garage or accessories outlet can do. This involves a change of seat frame and anything that’s done locally (not factory-fit) would be dangerous. The Alfa additionally comes with the touchscreen system, reverse camera, LED strips and projector headlamps to woo you into getting that over the Zeta.


The Ignis gets an AMT transmission on offer with the 1.2L petrol engine. Maruti calls it AGS. The biggest advantage or disadvantage for the AMT is that it is not a completely different system, but more of an add-on to the already existing 5-speed manual transmission. A hiccup with AMTs is that it can’t have a conventional Hill Assist feature / Hill Launch Assist.

While there could be a way for Maruti to help prevent the rollback of the cars by just maintaining brake pressure like Ford with the Ecosport, even with the manual transmission, none of the AGS cars gets them.

Hope this was useful.

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