Deciding between the Baleno’s Zeta and Alpha variants

The Baleno’s Zeta and Alpha variants usually confuse a lot of people with their feature offerings. Earlier, with the first Baleno iteration, it used to be fairly simple because only the Alpha variant got the touchscreen and other features.

2020 Baleno in the Nexa Blue colour

Given the current 2020 iteration of the Baleno, the Zeta makes a lot of sense to buy as it comes loaded with features. The Alpha variant, in a lot of ways, appears to be a sad joke.

The most impactful features that I find the Alpha variants have over the Zeta are:

  1. Reverse Camera
    The reverse camera is something that a lot of people find important. But if you don’t mind an aftermarket fitment, the Zeta can also be equipped with a reverse camera with a display in your touchscreen.
  2. UV Cut glass
    If I ever have to buy the Alpha, I’d buy it for this. The UV cut class does wonders by cutting off a certain wavelength of light and therefore reduces heat inside the car. You can’t get an aftermarket fitment for this unless you are okay with high-quality sun film.
  3. Auto headlamps
    Fancy feature to have, but doesn’t really solve a purpose. What could have been better is if the Baleno got rain-sensing wipers. That would take some effort off of your driving.
  4. Dimming IRVM
    Another feature that can’t be made after-market is the dimming IRVM. It helps to reduce the glares for excess light / high beams coming from the rear.
Smart Play infotainment system is available in the Zeta and alpha variants.

That’s about it.

In essence, the Zeta variant has the value for money factor working for it really well as it offers almost everything you can get in the Alpha variant.

The Alpha variant does little to distinguish itself from a Zeta variant. Go for the Alpha if you want the fulfilment of having the ‘top-end’ variant only.

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