Deciding between the Tata Altroz Diesel and the Ford Aspire Diesel

The Tata Altroz is the newest car in the segment. The Ford Aspire, yet old, has a significant market share when it comes to diesel engines. While both have 1.5L diesel engines, the differences is all about how the cars are built around these engines and how different they are when it comes to their attributes.

Here’s what could be your decision influencers:


The Ford’s 1.5L 100 HP / 215 Nm and Altroz’s 1.5L 90 HP / 200 Nm engines are pretty good. They are robust, frugal and offer quite an engaging driving experience. And both come with 5-speed manual transmissions.

But driving enthusiasm is not just about the engines and transmissions, they go much beyond. To a driving enthusiast, the rest of the car make a lot of difference – the suspensions, steering and the whole feeling of being ‘sorted’ and not just put together.

That way, the Aspire has an edge over the Altroz. A driving enthusiast is likely to connect to the Aspire much better, even though the Altroz gets the different driving modes – Eco, City and Sport.


Here’s where the cars could sort of confuse a potential buyer. The Altroz has a 5-star global NCAP safety rating and therefore gets a lot of respect. The Aspire, when tested in 2018 by GlobalNCAP has a 3-star rating. But at the same time, the top end TItanium+ variant of the Aspire gets 4 airbags, while the Altroz only gets 2 across the variant range.

So, this brings it down to you and what you intuitively feel when you are driving each car and which gives you a better sense of safety.


The 2020 Aspire, unfortunately, loses out on some features that are very important. The biggest loss is the Apple CarPlay + Android Auto support for the touch screen infotainment system. But to make up for that, the Aspire gets a touchscreen across its variant line up for the diesel engine options (Trend and upwards, Ambiente is only available for petrol).

The Aspire’s touchscreen system doesn’t support Android Auto or Apple carplay

The Altroz gets the touchscreen with Android Auto + Apple Carplay support. A bigger advantage is the Harman sound which easily makes it the best in class.


While the Altroz gets the features, the Aspire is likely to win when it comes to resale purely because of the popularity factor of the 1.5L diesel engines. The Altroz is new and comes at a crucial point where Tata is still repairing reputation by coming out with world-class products.

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