Question – What should I pick between the Kia Seltos or Hyundai Creta with a budget of ₹15 Lakhs?

The Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta are very similar cars, with the same platform, engine and gearbox options but different styling elements, features and therefore pricing strategies.

The biggest advantage for the Creta is that it is a new vehicle in the market, while the Seltos is slowly ageing.

These pricing strategies that Hyundai and Kia follow have their individual tilts towards a certain segment of the variant line up. For ex., Hyundai offers much better value when it comes to the more basic ‘E’ and ‘EX’ variants when compared to the ‘HTE’ and ‘HTK’ variants of the Seltos. And as you progress towards the middle and higher segments, the Seltos has a major advantage.

At an on-road price of ₹15L in Tamil Nadu, these are the variants you’d tend to consider, irrespective of fuel options:


These two variants actually offer very similar feature line up. But the pricing differs significantly. The Creta has a high ex-showroom price as of May 2020, at ₹11,72,900 (petrol) and ₹12,77,000 (diesel). The Kia Seltos enjoys a lower ex-showroom price at ₹11,49,000 (petrol), ₹12,54,000 (diesel).

There are mild feature differences. One thing that may put off a lot of people about the Hyundai Creta is the Tata Tiago-esque steel wheels stylized to look like alloys. While the Kia Seltos takes the higher road and offers proper alloy wheels, if not very stylish.


Essentially, the Kia Seltos wins the value game. What is subjective though are the exterior looks and the interior dashboard layout. The Creta’s single major advantage is the fact that is a more recent vehicle.

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