How to choose between the 1.5L Diesel Ford Figo and the 1.0L Turbo Petrol Volkswagen Polo.

Powerful question, this one. It is not easy comparing the two. Not because the Volkswagen Polo’s 1.0L TSI is a turbo petrol and the Ford Figo’s 1.5L TDCI is a turbo diesel, but it is because of what these cars stand for.

Both the cars are emotional purchases, you buy either one because you are impressed by what it does and not what it has.

But this answer asks for a logical approach to this question and I’ll try giving justice to it.

1. Safety

There are two ways to go about this. If you believe that German cars have the superiority in safety, then there’s not much a Ford can do. The Figo would feel inferior to the Polo’s build quality right from the moment you step in.

But on the contrary, Figo’s Titanium Blu variant which has its cost aligned towards the Polo’s TSI edition has 6 airbags while almost all cars in the segment offer only 2.

6 airbags in the Ford Figo Titanium Blu variant is a big selling point.
Market confidence in Polo’s build quality is very high.

2. Driving Enthusiasm

The Polo TSI is exciting. The fact that it is a 3 cylinder engine would be out of your mind the second your right feet move forward. The Polo has the tendency to ‘sweep you off your right foot’ and almost immediately, nothing else matters.

The Figo’s 1.5L TDCI is among the best when it comes to diesel engines. It creates a benchmark especially when you have driven the Figo but somehow want to explore other diesel options.

But between the two, my vote goes for the Polo TSI. Simply because it works out to feel much better sorted than either cars on offer. It doesn’t give that feeling of a compromise when the Figo could.

Polo is the car that could find a way to your heart.

3. Features

When you take a good look at the features, the Polo wins it. Funny, because the Polo never wins the features game. The TSI edition gets you a sweet touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, steering mounted controls and cruise control.

The Figo, while it gets the touchscreen infotainment system and its own in-build navigation system, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren’t available. On the flip side, it gets you a reverse camera.

Figo’s touchscreen with reverse camera

4. Space

Between the two, the Figo would seem more spacious than the Polo, which could seem very old-school and cramped. The Rear AC Vent is a nice touch in the TSI edition, but eats further into the already cramped space.

Figo’s interior room
Polo’s rear AC vent could be quite intrusive. This picture doesn’t do justice.

5. Maintenance

Ford wins this. Ford is one of the most affordable brands right now in the market with service costs priced very low. Volkswagen on the other hand, demands a premium when it comes to the cost of maintenance every year.

6. Resale

If you’re looking at good resale value, the Figo has the advance of the confidence of the market between the two.

The Figo is a car that would appeal to everyone, but the Polo is one that wouldn’t. The Polo, while it has the potential to reach the Figo’s resale value, it is a hard-sell if you want good value. Used Car Dealers won’t like the Polo too much and therefore ask lower cost as the shelf life is high.

Figo’s Titanium Blu variant

Hope that was helpful.

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