Kia Seltos HTE or Renault Duster RxZ

This is a great question. Not a lot of people directly compare the Duster to the Seltos because not many know that the Duster went through a huge price revision and is priced like a compact SUV while being a non-compact one (above 4m in length).

The Renault Duster RxZ and Kia Seltos HTE variants are very similarly priced.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:


The Duster is a brilliant driver’s vehicle. It may not have a great engine. The 1.5L petrol is fairly average and very similar to the Seltos’ engine. The gearbox is great though and has great ratios. But the steering is what would appeal to the driving enthusiast. The Duster is the last of the old-school tech in the new-school world of cars. It’s got hydraulic steering, which makes it difficult in the city but amazing on the highways. It also has a very supple suspension set up that can conquer any road bump with ease.

The Seltos, in comparison, is the more urban car and has a lot of importance given towards comfort and ease of driving as against anything else.

Duster’s hydraulic steering wheel


The Duster wins the value for money game very well in this comparison. The RxZ is the top variant of the Duster and gets the best of what the Duster has – touchscreen systems, reverse camera, alloy wheels, cruise control and auto climate control.

While the Seltos HTE only pays the novelty card. The Seltos has grown to is a more aspiration brand than the Duster is and is able to pull off a higher price tag.

Duster’s touchscreen gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.


From a maintenance stand point, the Duster could prove to be a little more expensive than Seltos after the first few years of ownership. Service touch points too, are currently lesser in number than Kia.

Kia’s service centers are fairly well spread out with multiple touchpoints


Duster’s resale value is debatable. It takes a very mature and niche customer base to see the Duster for what it offers. Given this, the resale value, if you are selling to a dealer, is going to be low.

The Seltos is easily a better-accepted car in the market.

Hope this helps.

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