What’s the better choice between a fully loaded Venue SX Diesel and a base diesel variant of Creta/Seltos?

This is a great question – taking the top variants of a compact SUV and comparing them to the base variants of a regular SUV.

There are a few ways to go about it.

1. Pricing and positioning
When you take the Venue SX into consideration, you have to keep in mind that it is not the top variant. It is one below the top. The top variant, in fact, is the SX(O) which has a huge price difference from the SX.

With the SX variant, the Venue is a far better pick when it comes to value for money while having the same performance specs. With the SX(O) variants, we are talking business. This is where this question can raise a lot of flags about which one to move forward with.

2. Space v. Features
In any comparison including a small vehicle with higher variant and big vehicle with lower variant, its a question of space vs features and what you’d prefer most.

If you’re looking for utility with just that set of features that you need and not really fancy the sunroof, I’d recommend going for the Seltos HTK or Creta EX. They offer a lot of value for money while around the Rs. 14.5 Lakh mark. They are also bigger vehicles and offer you a lot more space for the money you put in and won’t make you feel compromised for room.

Prices for the Kia Seltos diesel variants

The Venue on the other hand could come off as the cooler choice with the presence of a sunroof, wireless charger, air purifier available in the SX variants and above. If the space doesn’t matter to you as you are almost always 4 people or lesser in a car, the Venue does a fairly comprehensive job of making everyone feel comfortable. So, might as well enjoy the features they come with.

Venue’s prices

3. Resale Value
Resale value for the cars also depend on the variants. It may not make an extraordinary difference in this case, but from what I have observed, resale value for a higher variant is better than the lower variants, especially if you are looking to keep the car for just around 5 years.

If you’re looking to keep it for 7 years and longer, the variant wouldn’t matter at all.

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