Is there a more economical alternative to the Volkswagen Polo TSI when it comes to build quality and high power?

There are lots of things that the Polo that make it the Polo – be it the steering feel or the torque output at around 2000 RPM from the 1.0L TSI engine.

But yes, it is quite too expensive for its size and practicality. Maintenance cost too, is on the higher side.

There is no direct alternative to the Polo, but if you are looking for something close to it with some compromises, here’s what comes to my mind.

  1. Ford Figo Titanium Blu
Ford Figo Titanium Blu

The Ford Figo, from its driving mannerisms would feel like the more economical version of the VW Polo. It is a hoot to drive, be it the 1.2L petrol or the 1.5L diesel. It handles well and ensures that you have a good time behind the wheel.

To sweeten the deal, it gives you 6 airbags and a dual tone colour option. There’s lot more space in the Figo than the Polo and its super light on the pocket to maintain.

What you’d compromise on – quality of interiors, no turbo petrol, no Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

2. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo

The Nios Turbo is the only other turbo petrol hatchback you can find in the market. It comes loaded with tech and is easily the best value for money hatchback in the market.

Your compromises in this case, would be about the driving experience. The Nios would feel a little superficial. Though it gets a 1.0L turbo, it uses the same 5-speed manual transmission that the 1.2L gets. So, it doesn’t really unleash the potential of the engine.

Hope this helps.

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