Which is the better pick between the Ford Figo, Tata Altroz and Volkswagen Polo?

The Altroz, Figo and Polo are compelling cars, each in their own way and can make it very confusing for anyone considering these three options.

To decide between the three, its better to look at the differences – both objective and subjective, to help arrive at a logical conclusion.

Figo Titanium Blu, Tata Altroz XZ and the Volkswagen Polo Highline Plus

Here’s what matters:

If you’re looking for a good amount of space in the car, the Altroz is easily the best of the three. It is wide, optimally comfortable and could have 3 people in the rear with very limited squeezing.

The Figo comes in next. It may not be as widely designed but it somehow manages to pack in more space. Keep in mind that the Figo isn’t in the same league as the Altroz/Polo, from an industry point of view.

Needless to say, the Polo isn’t a car you’d buy for the amount of space in the inside.

From a safety perspective, all the cars would give you a fair bit of confidence on their build. The Altroz does have an advantage in credibility thanks to the 5-star global NCAP safety rating. The Polo’s build quality perception comes from the thought process of how German cars are built. The Polo too, has a 4-star rated global NCAP safety rating. The Figo makes up for the 3-star rated Global NCAP to be the only car in its focus segment to offer 6 airbags.

There’s no real way to measure build quality as a layman. So, the only way to base you confidence on is about how you feel while inside the car.

Driving enthusiasm
If you’re considering the 1.0L TSI engine with the Polo, it would make your decision easier. You’d notice it being quicker and sharper with the dose of torque thanks to the turbo charger.

The Figo, with its 1.2L 95 PS Naturally aspirated engine comes very close. It may not have the turbo, but its gearbox in this case that helps drive the way it does, along with some well sorted driving manners.

The Altroz’s 1.2L petrol would come off as a very lazy engine that is a little hesitant to start off at the low RPMs, but has a great mid range (2300+ RPM) for the driver to enjoy.

Value for Money
The Figo packs in the best of value for money you can find in this segment. Objectively, it gets you everything you would need in a car. It does have some negatives though. The Polo and the Altroz are fairly industry average with what is expected in this segment.

Figo might win the cost of maintenance and spares game as it is probably the lowest to maintain between the three. The Altroz gets the advantage of Tata’s extensive service network and touchpoints.

Volkswagen is at the disadvantage here with high maintenance costs and low network penetration in India.

Hope this helps.

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