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Why The Volkswagen Polo is still the enthusiasts choice

First Impressions

The moment you walk up and open the door of a German car, the first thing you notice after opening the door is the strong build quality and the “thud” when shutting the door is something that can not be compared to any other car.

Once you step in, you’re greeted by an analogue instrument cluster. (thank god!) with a digital M.I.D displaying all your important information. An all black interior with the flat bottom steering wheel along with aluminum pedals adds to the sporty appeal. The plastics could be better and the features list is not as vast when compared to other rivals in this class. Essentials like Apple carplay/Android auto, automatic climate control, reverse parking sensors are present and accounted for.

Driving Experience

But why do you buy a polo? For the driving experience of course! and man! Starting off the first thing one would notice is how soft the clutch is. The bite point is easy to judge unlike some cars. Release the clutch and the car starts to crawl forward without any throttle input. (on a flat surface). With a light dab on the throttle, the engine responds beautifully, turbo lag is evident but is not bad at all. Smash the throttle and man the fast revving motor propels the car ahead in an addictive manner. Before you know it you’re crossing city speed limits. The turbo kicks in at about 1800RPM so that’s where you want to be in order to make quick overtakes. There is that typical three cylinder thrum at certain speeds and the engine is not as refined as the older 1.2L TSI. Steering is direct and has good weight to it. Suspension is set up on the stiffer side like most cars these days but it’s not uncomfortable by any means of imagination. The gearbox is smooth and precise for the most part but still not as engaging as the Japanese cars.


VW has increased the ground clearance of the car and that is evident when you look at it from the side. oh. talking about the design, it is still one if not the best looking hatchbacks in India despite being over 10 years old. VW have added the GTI like bumpers in the front and rear which add to the sporty appeal of the car.


You don’t buy a polo for it’s features or the space it offers, you’re better off going with newer cars like the 2020 i20 for those things. The VW polo is still relevant in our market despite being so old purely because of the driving pleasure it offers. The folks at VW have done a stunning job with this new 1.0 TSI engine producing 110PS. it will surely put a smile on your face when the turbo kicks in and you take it all the way to the redline.

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